Friday, 13 November 2020

Kids are the future, of gaming!

Like many people I have kids, two boys to be precise,  and I'm guessing some of your kids like playing with daddy or mummy's toy soldiers. 
Well below is the outcome of a pleasant sunday afternoon diversion with my 9 and 11 year old where a small Panzer company and a US Recon patrol clash over a crossroads somewhere in Normandy.
The two forces move onto the field of battle
Operation capture the crossroads, who will get there first,  the Jagdpanther or two M8s?
M3 vs PzIV, oh no!
Meanwhile panzergrenadiers try to slow down the two speeding M8
The second squad of grenadiers capture the crossroads and dig in while a jeep patrol sprays them with machine guns. To the south an airborne squad threatens the Stugs
The final outcome turn 6, both sides claim the objective,  this sector of the Normandy campaign is in stalemate!

Both my boys had fun, I adapted Bolt Action and Flames Of War, managed to get the rules onto a single A4, made everything generic (tanks, vehicles and infantry).

Maybe I'll refine and publish on here at some point for feedback.

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  1. Nice, Rules would be interesting have an 8 year old son that likes to tinker.