Monday, 14 November 2016

Near future assault team

About 14 years ago I got back into gaming again after the usual hiatus of late teens/early twenties and luckily picked up a bulk load of GW figures off someone clearing out their cupboards. Sorting through them at the time I find these non GW guys and thought "ooh they'll come in handy".

Roll forward 14 years and I've happily abandoned the evil empire, broadened my interests and dug these out with the intention of doing some near future  gaming using black ops (hence the crazy uniform colors).

On painting these I quickly realised that they're really cool models with a nice level off chunky detail, however I have no idea who the manufacturer is so if anyone knows please drop me a line as I'd like to see what else they may have done and maybe pick up a few more. 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

K47 - Totenkorps

First off the blocks in this new game are my Totenkorps (reanimated soldiers). I really liked the sculpts on these models, they do have that shambling undead look. I painted them in a pretty muted colour scheme to reflect their rotting, dead for some time nature as I picture some Nazi special services team collecting up dead bodies and recycling them through a fancy thingumajig to spit out fresh meat!

I've played K47 a couple of times and I have to say that I'm quite underwhelmed with it. A major cut and paste job, some nice new mechanics that have been shoe horned in and don't mesh well with the existing core Bolt Action rules. Oh hang on, that would be the old Bolt Action rules as within the space of a month of releasing K47 Warlord then release version 2 with some significant changes!.

So, although I like these models I'm not sure how much I will use them, unless Warlord update K47 an address some of the problems.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Demo Game at Call To Arms

Call To Arms (CTA) is the annual Wellington gaming event, many dice are rolled, distances measured and cups of tea/coffee drunk. To fit my very busy personal life, Mrs Off t'Club and I have an agreement that once a year I can devote a weekend to my hobby and this year it was going to be Panzerschreck, unfortunately my health disagreed this year and both mine and teammate Ashley's work diaries decided to get rammed and therefore we had to bow out this year (and my 4th Indian were coming along so nicely!)
So at quite short notice we both decided to devote a day to demoing Bolt Action and therefore booked ourselves a table at CTA (we also thought it may help out mate Scott's sales of hobby related crack!).

So we rolled up early to set up in the drizzling sleet with our bundles of terrain. For anyone that didn't know Bolt Action is Warlord Games WW2 game and has been instrumental in attracting whole swathes of 40k players from the ranks of the evil empire across to historical gaming due to its neat, clean mechanic and competitive army lists (of which I am not a big fan). BA is commonly referred to as WW2 lite primarily because of the aforementioned competitive army lists that don't necessarily reflect the historical reality.
However if you play a game that feels like WW2 and if you don't obsess over the minutia of points values and damage points, then it gives quite a satisfying game. I must say that Chain of Command is probably a better game for the period, but it just doesn't gel well with my neanderthal brain!

Anyway we demoed BA for the day playing 3 games with pretty equal forces (we didn't use points values) and managed to garner a reasonable amount of interest.

Below is a pic dump of our table to give you a feel for what went down! 
Ash provided the German forces, I the Brits. All vehicles were Ash's (he's so much better than me at painting tanks!) and he also provided the ruined buildings and base boards. All other terrain came from my collection (yayy I finished my Sarissa buildings).

Unfortunately I didn't get much chance to take photos of any of the other splendid display games that were there however I shall endeavour to rectify that next year. There was however a very nice demo game of Sharp Practice 2 being played next to us, which almost convinced Ash to enter the wonderful world of Napoleonic's (I'll keep working on him), for an entertaining write up (with pics) head on over to von Peter Himself.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New game, New focus?

Just a quick one this, I recently picked up a starter set for the new game by Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin - Konflikt 47. I'm approaching this with a distinctly pulp/cthulu vibe, my personal preference being for evil occult nazi baddies.
The starter set is ridiculously good value and here's what I've managed to pull together so far:

The car isn't part of the set but rather a1/48 diecast 1938 Suiza I picked up off Trademe (kiwi ebay) for $7. Should fit in nicely once it's cleaned up and given a suitably evil black paint job (in the style of the baddies from Hellboy!)
So watch this space and I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Bolt Action British Vickers MMG

This has been lingering on my painting table for some time, a Warlord Games Vickers MMG team from their Bolt Action range. It's a nicely detailed model which nicely rounds out the reinforced platoon for my British Bolt Action force.

Ash and I agreed to run a demo game at local gaming convention Call To Arms this weekend all I really needed to get this done their this isn't up to my usual standard. But I'm relatively happy with the end result, just need to see if the model performs now that it's not in black camo!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Grrrr – damaged house

No dear friends, do not fear, my family home is still intact. Even though we’ve had earthquakes and driving wind, torrential rain and weird lightning storms our house has weathered it all without so much as a whimper. 

No the title of this post refers to my hobby and in particular the below mathematical formula, of which many of you are familiar;

Children + Party at your house = damaged Sarissa Building

So what is my lesson learned from this little experience? Don’t let a 4 and 6 year old you don’t know go anywhere near your prized wargames scenery!

Oh and bottling up your rage and fury is really flippng hard whilst the little demons are standing innocently behind their parents as I say (for political, must keep the neighbours happy reasons) “don’t worry, I can fix it”.

Ho hum!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

BFG Transports

You know when you've completed a plastic model and the pesky manufacturer provides you with oodles of extra's that you don't use, well I decided to use some. Yes this is another take on my building something from nothing insanity.

As I was recently painting up my BFG ships I thought it might be fun to have some transports as objectives, a quick trawl through the t'interweb for inspiration resulted in me gleefully diving into my bits box looking for old bits of sprue to kit bash together.
So what we have here are parts from GW's Tau, Space Marines and Imperial Guard Range cobbled together to create what I think are perfectly acceptable transports for BFG. I did manage to squeeze a few left over weapons batteries and comms towers in there too to keep the scale right and overall I'm quite happy with how they've turned out.
Here's a shot with my recently completed Frigates to show scale, I'll add them to the group shot once I get round to taking one.